Adi Spa

adi spa

Good Price Casual Spa Adi Spa is famous as Balinese esthetics with reasonable pr

Baliwis Spa

baliwis spa

Big Scale Spa of Balinese Architecture Baliwis Spa is the big scale spa which ha

The Amerta Spa

the amerta spa

Adult Spa Build on Hill-top The Amerta is built on the hill-top in Nusa Dua, and

Taman Sari Royal Heritalge

taman sari spa

Special Spa of Jawanese Royal Family Taman Sari Spa is produced by Indonesian fa

J.B. Grace Seaside Spa

jb grace spa

Located Near Ocean J.B. Grace Seaside Spa is owned by the aromatherapy salon “J.

Kayumanis Spa Nusadua


Healing Time at Resort Spa Kayumanis Spa Nusa Dua is located in the resort area

dh Spa

dh spa

Particular about Health and Beauty dh Spa is the old established spa that is par

Queen Rose Spa

queen rose spa

Tactful Space Queen Rose Spa is Japanese owned spa in Jimbaran. There is the bes

La’ Vie


Popular Effective Massage “Painful but Effective” La’ Vie is very famous in Bali



Old-established Spa with Good Service Siesta is the old-established spa that off

Kunthi Bali Spa

kunthi bali spa

Good Access Casual Spa Kunthi Bali Spa is opened in 2009, in Jimbaran. It’s good

Lotus Club

lotus club

Favorable Acupressure Massage Store This acupressure massage store is popular am

Aroma Talk Jimbaran

aroma talk jimbaran

Japanese Owned Spa Aromatalk Alam Jimbaran is owned by Japanese esthetic salon,

Bamboo Spa

bamboo spa

Try L’OCCITANE Products Bamboo Spa by L’OCCITANE is located in Kupu Kupu Barong

Frangipani Spa

frangipani spa

Popular Jamu Product Special Spa The spa corroborates with Indonesian Jamu Produ

Liang Spa

liang spa

Tranquility in your Trip Good access 10 min. from the airport and 5 min. from Ku

Esthetic Villa m & k

m k esthetic villa

First Residential Esthetics in Bali It’s located 5 min. from the airport and nea

Theta Spa

theta spa

Natural Products Theta Spa’s concept is creating happy soul by balancing mind an

Bali Ratu – Kuta

bali ratu kuta

Big 3 Spa Stores in Bali This is the spa that has the biggest number of treatmen

Bvilla Spa (+ spa)

bvilla spa

Recover Body & Mind Balance bvilla Spa is in the luxury villa “bvilla+Spa” in Se

Well Being Spa

well being spa

Favorable Casual Price Wellbeing Spa is favorable for cute rounding-shape buildi

Spa Cure at Studio 5

spa cure at studio 5

Experience Precious Nail Care Studio 5 is the beauty house on Abimayu Street in

Spa at The Ulin

spa at the ulin

Fashionable Spa in Quiet Area Spa at the Ulin is a fashionable spa in the villa

Taman Merah Spa

tanah merah spa

Focus on Rejuvenation Taman Merah Spa is at the villa “Bali Island Villas” in Ke

Spa Air (Villa Air)

spa air seminyak

Quiet Spa surrounded by Nature Spa Air is in Villa Air surrounded by beautiful n

Prana Spa at The Villas

prana spa

Islamic Legend Palace Prana Spa is built and designed the legend of King Rajasth

Spa Alila

spa alila

Spa at Payangan Canyon In the northern Ubud Payangan Canyon, there is Alila Ubud

Kayumanis Spa Ubud

kayumanis spa ubud

Commit to Rejuvenating Treatment Why don’t you try Kayumanis Ubud’s favorable re

Mango Tree Spa

mango tree spa ubud

Spa built on Mango Tree Mango Tree Spa by L’OCCITANE is the spa that you can try

Bagus Jati Spa

bagus jati spa

Real Health & Beauty Bagus Jati has 5 ha green ground, and there are organic far

Royal Kirana Spa

royal kirana spa

Excellent Spa Resort by SHISEIDO Royal Kirana Spa is the gorgeous spa resort pro

Luxe Lounge Spa

luxe lounge spa

Stylish Spa Luxe Lounge spa is the hotel spa at Sentosa Private Villa in Seminya

The Lembah Spa

the lembah spa

High-class Resort at Canyon The Lembah Spa is in the high-class resort in Ubud,

Spa on the Rock

spa on the rock

Superb View Spa on the Rock In Ayana Resort, there is the excellent special heal

The Spa at The Bale

the spa at the bale

Calm Resort Limited for Couple Only for couple and prohibit entering there under

Kriya Spa

kriya spa

Balinese Traditional Healing Philosophy Kriya Spa is in Grand Hyatt Bali. The sp

Ajna Spa

アジュナ スパ

Careful Selected Product Spa in Jimbaran Ajuna spa located Jimbaran area where popular high class resort area. The spa o

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