Toya Spa

toya spa

Water and Traditional Treatment Toya Spa is located on the Bypass Nusa Dua. Thei

Rumah Spa

rumah spa

Recommended City Spa in Nusa Dua Rimah Spa was opened on May 2008 in Nusa Dua ar

Natalie Spa

natalie spa

Experience Traditional Technique Natalie Spa is located on the Bypass Nusa Dua a

Taman Sari Royal Heritalge

taman sari spa

Special Spa of Jawanese Royal Family Taman Sari Spa is produced by Indonesian fa

J.B. Grace Seaside Spa

jb grace spa

Located Near Ocean J.B. Grace Seaside Spa is owned by the aromatherapy salon “J.

Kayumanis Spa Nusadua


Healing Time at Resort Spa Kayumanis Spa Nusa Dua is located in the resort area



Recovering Inner Balance Martha Tilaar was opened the spa, Spassion. The theme o

Queen Rose Spa

queen rose spa

Tactful Space Queen Rose Spa is Japanese owned spa in Jimbaran. There is the bes

Royal Balinese Spa

royal balinese spa

Very Reasonable Big Scale Spa Royal Balinese Spa is in Jimbaran area. This spa w



Old-established Spa with Good Service Siesta is the old-established spa that off

Kunthi Bali Spa

kunthi bali spa

Good Access Casual Spa Kunthi Bali Spa is opened in 2009, in Jimbaran. It’s good

Aroma Talk Jimbaran

aroma talk jimbaran

Japanese Owned Spa Aromatalk Alam Jimbaran is owned by Japanese esthetic salon,

Kayumanis Jimbaran

Relaxing Time at Villa Spa Kayumanis Spa Jimbaran is located in the private vill

Esthetic Villa m & k

m k esthetic villa

First Residential Esthetics in Bali It’s located 5 min. from the airport and nea

Lavender Spa

lavender spa

Casual Price Hotel Spa Lavender Spa is in the convenient place of 15 min. from t

Bali Ratu – Kuta

bali ratu kuta

Big 3 Spa Stores in Bali This is the spa that has the biggest number of treatmen

Vivo Spa

vivo spa

Small City Spa in Legian Vivo Spa is a city spa in Legian. It is a small spa but

Mango Spa

mango spa

Feeling of Resort at Spa If you opened the door, there is the space of tropical

Rei Wellness

rei wellness

Healing and Recovering Beauty Rei Wellness Spa is created based on the concept t

House of David

house of david

Unknown Hair Salon Spa in Kuta House of David is the unknown hair salon spa on S

Well Being Spa

well being spa

Favorable Casual Price Wellbeing Spa is favorable for cute rounding-shape buildi

Bali Ratu – Ubud

bali ratu spa ubud

Spa surrounded by Nature Bali Ratu Ubud is Bali Ratu’s Ubud store, which is Rela

Aura Spa Ubud

aura spa ubud

Shining Inner Beauty Aura Spa offers the treatment to enhance self-healing. “The

Puri Esthetic

puri esthetic

Tropical Garden Hiding Spa Puri Esthetic is in the central Sanur area which has

Ubud Garden Spa


Traditional Balinese spa Ubud garden spa located on Bisma street in Ubud where lots of cafe and boutique is there! Their

Ajna Spa

アジュナ スパ

Careful Selected Product Spa in Jimbaran Ajuna spa located Jimbaran area where popular high class resort area. The spa o

Kubu Bali Spa

Kubu Bali Spa

Simple Spa in Jimbaran Kubu Bali spa located Jimbaran area is new spa opened in 2013. Their simple and modern concept of

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